Adit Laadan, an Israeli intuitive sculptor: " When I enter the studio I have a general idea as to the direction I plan to create in; I prepare a blueprint and let the material lead me through curiosity to the end result. This is a process I equate to a pregnancy, where in its duration, the visual of the baby is unclear. I take part in the creative process but there is also a spontaneous development of the sculpture. The material has a mind of its own, and while I give it a shape, I uncover the visible from the invisible ".

Adit, mother of two, graduate of Ramat Hasharon Art College and Beit Berl, is not a minimalist artist. Laadan believes that in the case of her artwork " the more, the better ". Her work straddles the fine line between design and art. It is detail oriented and leaves the naked eye longing for more. It combines K21 gold as well as various other materials. In her ongoing imagination, nature meets Laadan`s experiences to create colorful artwork, rich in texture, surprising and innovative, which a flame has welded together.

The creative process is long and takes weeks, during which the sculpture is created, dried, painted and burnt three times at the maximum temperature of 1200 degrees Celsius, and is then coated with gold.

Laadan, of Persian heritage, is influenced by her Family`s roots.

The carpets, textiles, textures and shapes, wealth of color, and nature at its best, all come to life in Laadan`s sculpture. Laadan believes that color is the expression of beauty and of life.

For over a decade, Laadan has run a studio where she passes on her passion, creativity, imagination and depth of emotion to her students.

With constant observation of nature and human mystery, Laadan changes, evolves and expresses the complexity of her vision.